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Are you a South African Pharmacist interested in using MortarKnowledge as a tool for your CPD Activities?

• Why spend hours every month writing synopses for your CPD activities?

• Get the most relevant and up-to-date pharmacy related information from  MortarKnowledge in a concise, plain and simple format.

• Test your acquired knowledge on-line and receive instant recognition for your effort although failure in competence will not keep you from carrying on with your next CPD activity.

Receive an exclusive Portfolio ledger and file all your automatically generated 
  reports for Council inspection.

• A little time spent on CPD will produce a great deal of results to keep you legal  with the South African Pharmacy Council and up to date with the latest developments in the South African and international Pharmacy Community.

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To all registered e-learning students, welcome!!

We trust that your competency levels in the chosen modules will increase significantly through your experience with MortarKnowledge’s e-learning. Our dedicated experts at MortarKnowledge will guide you through the entire learning process.

To all potential students:

Should you be interested in utilising MortarKnowledge to further your knowledge in areas pertaining to the following:

ü  Medical & Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

ü  Management of operations pertaining to the Supply Chain

ü  Quantification of healthcare commodities

 simply pre-register by clicking on the button below and the one of the experts of the MortarKnowledge team will be in contact shortly.

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