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Product Information

MortarKnowledge CPD for Pharmacists

Step 1: Plan and Choose your CPD Activity
MortarKnowledgeâ„¢ is intuitive enough to recognise your pharmacy sector from the information you have provided to complete the first part of your Portfolio Information. It will therefore narrow down a selection of CPD activities that will pertain specifically to your pharmacy sector. You can then either choose from this shortened list, or access the entire list should you so please.

The system will then systematically take you through the planning process of the CPD Activity you have chosen. It will cover all the why's , how's and so what's of the recording process. We have taken the liberty to guide you in this endeavour but you are free to change to your heart's content.

Step 2: Study the chosen CPD Activity
You will now be provided with the original article / monograph / web video, or any other source material used in the specific activity to familiarise yourself with the content. MortarKnowledge also provides you with a synopsis of the original document that highlights all the important parts you as a professional in your pharmacy sector should know about the subject under discussion.

Once you have decided that you are comfortable with the content, you can then move onto the evaluation process, which acts as a self-evaluation for you to gauge your understanding and memory of the knowledge embedded. The evaluation is provided in the form of a multiple questionnaire with three possible right answers. Only one is right! Gone are the university days of seven possibilities.
Step 3: Generating proof of Completing CPD Activity and reflection on the Activity 
After you have completed your ten random multiple questions, you will be provided with your results and why the questions you answered incorrectly, were answered incorrectly. However, it will also allow you to print all the other required documentation as required by the South African Pharmacy Council. Once you have printed these documents, you can then file them safely in your Portfolio until you are requested to submit your Portfolio to Council.

The Greatest Benefit of MortarKnowledge

In the event that you have lost your Portfolio, or have missed some of the activities you have completed, you can always re-print them, or phone up the administration office and request that a complete Portfolio be assembled for you.

E-learning Course Materials

A number of modules aimed at improving expertise of people working in the  in the medical & pharmaceutical supply chain. The idea is that you choose the modules you want and we combine them into a neat course which you can do from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

For more information or available modules, please contact us at +27 18 788 2102 and ask to speak to Estelle or Helanie.